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• What is Stellar Codex?
Stellar Codex is an on-rails sci fi shoot ‘em up reminiscent of old arcade bullet hell games, with modern design and new gameplay elements added into the mix.

• What is special about this game?
Unlike other games of this genre, we give equal emphasis to gameplay and storyline, polishing both and making sure its gameplay is as engaging as its world is immersive. Through a team of very talented artists, story writers, voice actors and skilled programmers, we are trying to deliver an experience that will ultimately transcend this game genre.

• Which platform will you target with this game?
Stellar Codex will run on Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. If we hit our fund raising goals however, console platforms are definitely a possibility.

• Is this game single or multiplayer?
Currently we are developing the single player mode. We do want to make a multiplayer Co-Op mode but due to the added difficulty of producing multiplayer games, this will only be possible if we hit our fund raising milestones.

• How can I help with the fund raising of this game?
You can start by following us on Facebook and Twitter and frequently checking back on this website’s news feed. As soon as we start our fund raising campaign, we will share all ways that you can help to bring this game to the market.